Feeling limited and helpless with chronic pain? Are one or more life stressors impacting your mood and ability to function well? Feeling that those close to you don’t understand your struggles? 

Whether you are distressed from living with a chronic pain condition or from other life challenges but want to learn how to cope adaptively, feel functional and good about yourself, and have a good quality of life, I can help you to achieve these well-deserved goals!

I specialize in helping people with a chronic pain disorder, such as arthritis, to learn behavioral or cognitive strategies to manage their pain, to recognize their potential to be functional despite their pain, and to achieve a positive quality of life.

I am also trained to help people who may not be suffering from chronic pain but, nevertheless, feel mentally limited or distressed and, as a result, struggle with the challenge of making it through the day without feeling further limited or distressed.

If you or your health care provider feel that you could benefit from my treatment service, please call.

You will undergo an initial 10 minute phone intake and be given the opportunity to ask questions. If we both feel that you would benefit from my services, I will schedule a face-to-face intake appointment.

Thank you for considering Gill Wellness Therapy and Consultation and for taking the time to read my page.

Dr. Peter A. Gill

Let’s build something together.

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