Meet Dr. Gill

My Journey as a Talk Therapist

Witnessing clients’ ability to grow and achieve positive change makes being a psychotherapist a very rewarding experience. 

I am a psychologist and licensed mental health counselor or LMHC (license no. 11483-MH-CC) with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Hartford and a second master’s as well as a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University New England. I work from biopsychosocial, developmental, interpersonal, and systems perspectives and utilize evidence-based behavioral and cognitive interventions.

During my 16 years as a mental health practitioner, I have valued the relationship between emotional and physical wellbeing and how environmental factors impact this relationship and day-to-day functioning.

I started in research in the areas of rehabilitation, cognitive assessment, and public health. However, I found my calling as psychotherapist. During the course of my career in the non-profit sector, I augmented my therapy experience by also working as a psychiatric crisis specialist, rehabilitation specialist, and behavioral consultant and integrated health consultant.

Engaging in these various roles gave me the opportunity to work in different settings, including outpatient clinics, medical centers, primary care practices, school settings, and a crisis stabilization unit. This has greatly enriched my clinical experience, thereby allowing me to address many presenting problems related to behavioral and physical functioning. It also left me well prepared to provide consultations to caretakers and pertinent collaterals of various disciplines.

All together, I feel well prepared to work comfortably and competently with you if you feel you could benefit from my services. I will strive to help you achieve your goal to feel well and to create a sense of purpose and balance in your life.

My Journey Outside of Talk Therapy

Other rewarding things in my life include my time with my wife and kids, outdoor activities, listening to music, strumming my guitar, and eating good food, especially spicy dishes.

My Journey on the Web

In addition to my web page, I provide information about my practice on Psychology Today, TherapyDen, and Open Path .

Let’s build something together.

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