Observing World Mental Health Day

The World Federation for Mental Health

Today, countries around the globe are observing World Mental Health Day, an observance in practice since 1992. Unfortunately, many people dismiss the importance of mental awareness and regard those with mental health challenges as pretending to feel unwell or unwilling to help themselves. Some people regard mental health as an area of human functioning separate from physical health. Neither could be further from the truth.

It’s crucial to remember that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Equally crucial is the understanding that good mental health benefits both the individual and the community where the individual resides. The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) underscores this awareness on its website. The WFMH notes that “there is no health without mental health” and that “mental health is a human right.”

With many individuals experiencing life-impacting changes at an unprecedented rate during the COVID-19 pandemic, this awareness couldn’t be more vital than the present time. This is why I encourage everyone to recognize the importance of promoting good mental health practices and supporting treatments and programs that help those with mental health challenges. 

I wish you all good mental health. 

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